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At Construction Gamarco we have been offering for over 35 years, ingenious and innovative solutions to realize the construction of your projects in accordance with deadlines, budgets, regulations and standards in force. Whether it is a commercial, industrial, institutional or residential development, our business model is based on the partnership with its customers in order to guarantee the delivery and the performance of your achievements. Combining our knowledge and experience from creation to execution, we offer a wide range of services such as:

General contractor

Turnkey construction

Project management

Real estate development



Our team consists of qualified professionals who want to offer the best of themselves in order to meet your satisfaction criteria. The standard phases and the services we can offer you according to the type of construction mandate chosen are the following:



Provide a market and feasibility study

Select the site and analyze it

Establish programs

Suggest recommendations

Design preliminary drawings

Determine preliminary costs



Engage architects and other consultants

Select technologies and materials

Establish completion deadlines

Define the required permits

Coordinate plans and specifications

Prepare estimates and budgets

Bid preparation and evaluation

Prepare submission documents

Acquire and evaluate submissions

Design the contractual documents


Construction and management

Obtain all permits, licenses, approvals and insurance

Design security programs

Check the progress of the work

Control and monitor quality

Relaunch equipment purchases

Manage the workforce

Analyze and correct deadlines

Inspect and accept the work

Ensure the project meets contractual obligations


Post Construction

Get the guarantees

Start running tests

Train the staff

Establish maintenance schedules


The diversity of projects demonstrates the versatility of our team of professionals, who have realized these as corporative, commercial, municipal, public institutions and parapublic (see list below). Members of the Quebec Order of Engineers (OIQ), the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and the Corporation des entrepreneurs generals du Québec (CEGQ), we recently won the award for excellence in the Challenge category. sustainable building 10 Million or less, during the Marcus Vitruvis Challenges 2015 event for the Saul-Bellow library in Lachine.

We have built an enviable reputation in the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential development market. For over 25 years and already in its second generation, we offer ingenious and innovative solutions to realize the construction of your projects in compliance with deadlines, budgets, regulations and standards.

Our team of professionals wants to use their skills and expertise to meet the criteria of customer satisfaction. We are committed to the realization of diversified projects, of varying scale and sustainable. From the creation to the delivery of the project, our team relies on interdisciplinarity to offer you a turnkey product.

Our reputation is based on your satisfaction.


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